Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Men do too……

It’s been believed or assumed that women are addicted to soap operas.Well just so you know we have ladies out here who never have time for that stuff.

Anyway that is not my discussion today,it’s the men..they complain a lot that their women are being brainwashed by these “proggies”..who would have thought they watch them too.

Ok you might appear a sissy if you admit before your colleagues,but hey such is life…accept who you are…have fun watching them.

Yes ladies we have men out here who wish you treat like the Alejandro they are,the Carlos Eduardo,etc.Be his Ana Paula and his Lucia once in a while.Guys accept it we wont judge you..its ok to be yourself,everybody else is taken.

Have fun watching Daniel and the lady…oops i just forgot the name of the soap!

It’s World’s Nature

Yes it is..wining,complaining,blame games,etc.It’s human nature and its across the board…like worldwide.

Competitions come and go.Yeah,im talking about Reality TV shows that involve search for talent in music, al.Talk of Sakata,BBA,The Voice,Nigerian Idol,American Idols,the just concluded Tusker Project Fame in East Africa and others.

You are wondering what im driving at…OK wait no more.Issue is,as the public or audience,at some point during these shows we are required to vote.Some of us are certified verbal voters.We never do the real thing.

Well hell breaks loose when our favorite contestant loses.That’s when you hear cries..oh corruption,oh unfair,oh mean judges…cut the crap for heaven’s sake!!!

You didn’t vote,right?OK do people the honor of putting your little lips together if you got nothing substantial to say.

We all witnessed Americans ranting on YouTube after Danielle Bradberry was crowned #TheVoice in the Us….it’s been tradition with #TPF…well im telling you,time to get over yourself.
Stop the beakering on social media,you are the reason your favorite contestant was evicted or didn’t win.Ukasuku wacha.

Happy Jamhuri people!!!!!!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Just like that i am into heath reporting


me,myself and i.
At one time if you asked me to do a health report i would look at you and wonder if you could see some injections in my eyes.Well that's just to say i dreaded anything to do with health,hospitals,infections and the likes.
But a month ago,all the fear somehow went away after i started hosting some health show.It was one at the they turned out to be 2 is still a mystery.I felt sorry for myself since researching on health issues is the last thing i ever thought of doing.Anyway i had no way out..i had to,since i had guest speakers..from nursing officers,to clinical officers to counselors,etc.
The journalist in me and lessons learnt along the way wouldn't let me go in with an "empty head".A brain devoid of any health issue knowledge.That is where it all started...i had fun reading on health not to mention sharing discussions with health professionals.

Yes as we speak ask me about cervical cancer,i will give you information,ask me about substance abuse..i know what to tell you,ask me anything about HIV/'s all in my little head with a big brain.Ask about TB,genital warts,abortion risks..i got it all.
That is not where it all ends...i am out to do a lot to ensure all the info gets to the public at large.I am just sure to see a lot on health in future courtesy of one Mwanje Shaylor.
In the meantime i got a lot to take care of in school...but watch this space.When you dream it,you achieve it...right?
Thanks to one Gilbert Langat of Moi University Radio i realized there is a part of me that can actually tackle health matters super well.