Wednesday, 4 December 2013


a section of the media students in Moi University demonstrate 


against the repressive media bill.

Well it was a directive reached upon by the media council that all journalists in solidarity demonstrate against the bill.Moi university media students were no exception.

Yeah it sounds odd but if we didnt go out to demonstrate,it would rather be stupid...i mean our careers are at stake here.We wont be able to put to practice what we are being taught if this bill becomes a law.

The most annoying bit are the hefty fines.Ok incase you dont know...that is just put in place to ensure journalists shun away from covering some things.

Wait,did someone remind parliament and the president that we are watchdogs...well we dont back though...anyway what i am trying to say is we pin point the wrong...ensure it is corrected..and congratulate those who do the right.
You mean we dont tend to carry out super awesome investigative stories?If you havent featured yet..just do something outstanding.You wont have to call us...we will look for you.

If laws are supposed to help the country grow economically...the people concerned shouldnt feel jeopardised.

I must say i am glad parliament actually postponed discussing the bill and had the parliamentary committee meet the Grace led team to discuss this.And now they have given the public the task to decide.

Talk of evading responsibility.Anyway i am hoping someone will think critically lest we get back to the regimes where journalists will be jailed for doing the right thing.

I am one myself that's why in that photo i couldnt help but be on the frontline.

My name is Mwanje and Journalism is my tribe.


  1. I agree. We are the face of the society, the watchdog of the society. We share stories of unheard voices and echo the voice of the minority. We ensure accountability by our leaders by shedding light on their daily activities. A world without journalism is impossible! and unchained journalism for that matter.