Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It’s World’s Nature

Yes it is..wining,complaining,blame games,etc.It’s human nature and its across the board…like worldwide.

Competitions come and go.Yeah,im talking about Reality TV shows that involve search for talent in music, al.Talk of Sakata,BBA,The Voice,Nigerian Idol,American Idols,the just concluded Tusker Project Fame in East Africa and others.

You are wondering what im driving at…OK wait no more.Issue is,as the public or audience,at some point during these shows we are required to vote.Some of us are certified verbal voters.We never do the real thing.

Well hell breaks loose when our favorite contestant loses.That’s when you hear cries..oh corruption,oh unfair,oh mean judges…cut the crap for heaven’s sake!!!

You didn’t vote,right?OK do people the honor of putting your little lips together if you got nothing substantial to say.

We all witnessed Americans ranting on YouTube after Danielle Bradberry was crowned #TheVoice in the Us….it’s been tradition with #TPF…well im telling you,time to get over yourself.
Stop the beakering on social media,you are the reason your favorite contestant was evicted or didn’t win.Ukasuku wacha.

Happy Jamhuri people!!!!!!!

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  1. Lovely post my dear. I also Reiterate Ukasuku wawache.